Consultant/Affiliate Opportunity with Beautycounter

Beautycounter's Business Opportunity has Never Been So Pretty and Profitable! 


I have had SUCH a fun year doing Beautycounter, and we now have 70+ women on our team! It's been so amazing.


Each consultant has a different reason for doing this business, whether it's just for the 25% off discount OR it's to make $2,000 a month! Really it totally depends on you, why you would like to do this business, and how much time you have to dedicate to it!


I would love for YOU to be the next one I mentor! Are you ready?


Beautycounter is offering digital enrollment for only $50 to help you launch your business TODAY!


How Can I use my consultant status?

  1. Just for the discount​.  When you become a consultant with Beautycounter you always get 25% off products, plus the ability to get the consultant Stater Sets at up to 44% off!​​
  2. As an affiliate program. ​Are you a blogger or influencer? You can use your Beautycounter personal website link just like an affiliate program! You login, and get the links to the products you love!
  3. As a local consultant. Share clean beauty with friends, family, and your community and make 25-35% off every sale!
  4. Build a team. We all work better with at least one other person! Bring others on to join your team as fellow consultants and get 5-9% of THEIR business' volume. Helping other women grow is the most rewarding part of growing my business!


If you spend more than $100 with Beautycounter in a 6 month period this is the promo for you! You will get 25% off all products on every order during your time as a consultant. 


What does being a consultant mean?

  • A personal website for attribution of orders and back-office tech support

  • Built-in mentorship from yours truly- it’s my passion to help you grow as a leader!

  • Media resources, makeup tutorials, and more…

  • No monthly minimum purchase required + no recruiting required! 

  • The opportunity to run your own business!! 

As a consultant you will enjoy: 

  • 25% off site-wide discount on all products for 6 months!

  • Sizable 25-35% commission on all sales.

  • Numerous incentive opportunities. 

  • The opportunity to purchase holiday sets at a BIG discount!

  • Total flexibility to work from home, on your time. 

  • Our amazing TeamOliveYouWhole💄exclusive promos, trips, and resources.


Is Beautycounter a Multilevel Marketing Company (MLM)?


Nope! Beautycounter is a multi-channel, direct-to-consumer company empowered by people. We have stores in Nantucket, NYC, Abbot Kinney in LA, and in my own city of Denver! 


What optional stater sets are there?


Check out the amazing sets below!


With digital enrollment ($50), you will get the opportunity to purchase business aids and products to use personally at a steep discount!


Why is consultant status better than Band of Beauty membership?

  • 25% off your order immediately, impacts price you pay on tax and shipping, rather than 10% in product credit back
  • Don't have to wait on my personal promos or corporate sales. 
  • Earn product bonuses and $$ in your first 90 days! See our Start Counting Perks below, they are SO generous!


Caroline, this sounds like the perfect way to add extra income and clean up my skincare and makeup! 


How do I join?

  • Feel free to email and I’d love to set up a call to see if becoming a consultant is a good fit for you!

  • Ready now? Simply enroll here and put Caroline Fausel as your mentor.

  • Forward me your enrollment confirmation and I’ll be in touch shortly after!


Cheers to Your Health,

Caroline Fausel